Nermin Canik

Conversion Optimization Consultant

About Me

With over 9 years of experience in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), I've collaborated with clients across various sectors including e-commerce, tourism, airlines, lead generation, Shopify stores, telecommunications, dating, and education. My primary areas of expertise lie in A/B testing and UX CRO Audits. Here are some of the clients and projects I've managed through my own company: LaserCube, Art of Problem Solving, Exalt, Exhale, Bhaya Cruises, MIME, Capital Claims, Order of Style, Dreamers Who Travel, Drive Traffic & Shepherd's Fashion, Drugwatchers & Jansen Webconcepts, Nest and Flowers, Windy City Cigars, Motivinci, Hobium Yarns, Shivook, TurkNet, CarrefourSA, Arçelik, Sahibinden, TutumluAnne, Evimdeki Psikolog, Mucit Panda, Dekopasaj, Turkish Airlines, Contentus, ElySuisse, B2Press, Darüşşafaka, AGT, Userspots, Gixal, GittiGidiyor eBay, Bulur, Pakolino, Sevgili Bebek, Atölye, Özyeğin Üniversitesi, Tam Adres, Neo Skola, Neol, Great Blue Resorts, Turkey Travel Planner, CMA Exam Academy

Conversion Optimization Service

Dive into the world of conversion optimization with my tailored training sessions. Covering both CRO strategy and user experience, these workshops are designed for beginners and industry veterans alike. Gain hands-on expertise with platforms, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application. Enhance your digital proficiency and optimize web performance using data-driven insights.

At the heart of every successful conversion strategy lies trustworthy data. To achieve the best results, validating and strengthening this foundation is crucial. I offer a bespoke CRO audit, crafting a custom measurement strategy that ensures each data point is aligned with your goals and provides actionable insights. Let's harness the power of data, transforming raw numbers into invaluable insights, and lay the groundwork for a results-oriented strategy.

"Without data you’re just another person with an opinion. W.Edwards Deming" Don't leave your strategies to chance. Validate your hypotheses with rigorous testing methods. Whether it's an A/B Test, MVT Test, or Redirect Test, I provide precise experimentation services that ensure your decisions are backed by solid evidence. Let's transition from guesswork to certainty, optimizing your outcomes.

Understanding your users is the key to a successful product. Through our user testing and interview services, we delve deep to gather insightful feedback directly from your audience. Discover potential pain points, areas of friction, or obstacles within your website or app. From recruiting the right participants, conducting the tests, to analyzing the results, we offer a comprehensive solution. Unlock the power of real user perspectives and elevate your product to new heights.

Gain a deep understanding of your users' needs, expectations, and experiences with your product. Our customized user surveys pinpoint potential issues, areas for enhancement, or bugs in your site or app. Through expertly crafted questions, targeted segmentation, and in-depth feedback analysis, we deliver insights that drive actionable improvements.

Unlock the secrets of your visitors' journeys and identify UX challenges. By meticulously tracking user interactions, we provide a clear lens into their experiences on your platform. Our service encompasses setup, precision targeting, and robust analysis using tools like heatmaps, session recordings, form tracking, and more. Partner with me to refine and enhance your digital landscape based on genuine user behaviors.

Navigate the ever-changing UX landscape with confidence. Our Competitive UX Benchmarking not only compares but inspires and generates new ideas. By pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses of your digital platform, we keep you updated with shifting customer behaviors. Stay ahead and position your site or app at the pinnacle with our expert insights.

In today's digital age, while data is plentiful, insightful interpretation sets you apart. With our advanced analytics expertise, we reveal nuanced data insights. More than just numbers, we provide a clear strategy guiding your brand's growth. Embrace our service for a definitive edge, transforming data into impactful decisions.

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