Nermin Canik

Conversion Optimization Consultant

2 Years of Doing My Business

Last month was the anniversary of the company’s foundation. In my adventure of doing my own business, I have completed my second year. I wanted to share what I learned in these first 2 years as an independent consultant straightforwardly.

When I was at the beginning of this road, at the end of my initial meetings with one of the founders of a brand said that “2 years. Give yourself at least 2 years to do your own business, don’t give up until then. Other people also advised me this back at that time. So, finally, the time has come!

Before starting this article, if you haven’t read yet, I also recommend you to read my article named “1 Year Of Doing My Own Business”.


Kendi İşimi Yaptığım 2 Sene

Geçtiğimiz ay şirketimin kuruluş yıl dönümüydü. Kendi işimi yapma serüvenimde 2. senemi doldurdum. Bağımsız bir danışman olarak ilk 2 senede tecrübe ettiklerimi şeffaf bir şekilde paylaşmaya karar verdim.

Daha yolun başında, ilk toplantılarımın birinde bir markanın kurucusu tam vedalaşırken  “2 sene. Kendine, işine en az 2 sene tanı, o zamana dek pes etme. Bana da zamanında bunu tembihlediler.” demişti. Sonunda zamanı geldi!

Bu yazıya başlamadan önce eğer okumadıysanız “Kendi İşimi Yaptığım 1 Sene” yazımı okumanızı da tavsiye ederim.


SEO & UX Relationship Based On 3 Real Business Cases

What are the things that the users who visit your website / mobile app looking for on the website/application but can’t find? Can you identify the moments when people have trouble using your website or become angry with it? How the model images you use in the content you’ve created can influence both SEO and UX (user experience)?

In this article, I will provide each question with an example to address them. Most importantly, I’ll exemplify how fields of UX (User Experience) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can support each other based on my own experience.

The journey from data to gaining insight through the relationship between SEO & UX, 3 different cases, 3 different stories…


1) Track Zero Search Results
2) Rage Clicks
3) Using Model Images in Contents

Before we start

Last week, as a guest speaker in the webinar series of SEMrush, we talked about the impact of SEO & UX on each other with Pınar Ünsal (Kubix Digital) and Mustafa Dalcı (Userspots). So, I explained how SEO & UX teams can help each other and boost their own and each other’s goals (ranking, conversion, etc.) through 3 real cases.

This article is the enhanced edition of my 20-minute webinar presentation and contains how-to sections. If you wish you can watch the webinar firstly you can then review the article.

It will be quite enough to read the blog post only. Of course, for those who read the blog post, there are loads of special notes. I recommend you to listen to my other speaker friends anyways 🙂

SEMrush SEO & UX Webinar (23/07/2020)


1 year of Doing My Own Business

This past year was the most significant and beautiful year of my life. I started to do my own business and founded my consultancy company. I have taken more risks, met new people. I spent more time with my family, friends and even spared time for doing sports, I have traveled more (I went to Antalya to give training and even I swam in the sea in December) but also, I have worked harder than before. Actually, I worked constantly. 

I am writing this piece to share what I learned as a consultant in the first year of founding my own company, and also some advice that helped me.

I gained a bunch of advice from my circle of friends and family to write such a review. Briefly, they are the personal first experiences of a long journey. Let’s see what will be life’s odds?


How Do We Visualize Data? Preferred Names Based on Years

Have you ever wonder how your own name’s popularity has changed over the years? I have. And I examined the data of Turkey’s Statistics Institute about the most preferred names between the years 1950-2018 on the weekend.

Each year, Turkey’s Statistics Institute shares the top 100 list of names given to boys and girls. When I look for a few names, I found it hard to track data on the list. Of course, checking at two different files for the names given to boys and girls like Deniz has also made my job complicated.