Nermin Canik

Conversion Optimization Consultant

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Client's Testimonial

Christopher Merkle, Founder @MIME

Very professional and amazing work ethic. Nermin presented us with many CRO ideas in a short period of time - which is vital in our startup world. Her quality of work is that of an agency where I would expect to pay 5x as much. Met her milestones and exceeded my expectations. Will definitely work with her again!

Charlie Wilson-Vaughan Co-Founder @EXALT

Nermin's CRO was superb. She really took the time to understand our audience personas and then dig deep into a variety of data sources to come up with some truly insightful observations and subsequent recommendations. Really enjoyed working with her and would do so again :)

Lana Coppel, Founder @Order Of Style

Nermin was a wonderful partner to have on my CRO Audit. She was quick to reply, ready to help with a few technical aspects of the setup during the project. She completed the work within her timeframe and delivered some insightful ideas on how to optimize my website.

Eric Olsen, Vice President of Marketing @Art of Problem Solving

Nermin is an absolutely fantastic conversion rate optimization consultant. Data-driven, and full of fantastic ideas. Loved her work and can't wait to work with her again

Caroline Towers, Founder @Dreamers Who Travel

Nermin completed a full mobile & web audit for our website which was incredible. The audit was full of useful ways to increase our CRO, she provided a full presentation & worksheet. All this was done within the agreed timescale. I would highly recommend Nermin for any CRO work.

Roberto Croci, EMEA Regional Head @Google

I've worked with Nermin as our Partner point of contact in Turkey for Optimization. I've seen her not only excel at the core elements of her job -- like testing and personalization -- but also learn other tasks that extend well beyond the scope of her role, like digital marketing and online advertising. That's one of the things that's so remarkable about Nermin. She demonstrates not only mastery for her core role, but also the ability to take on new projects that are both difficult and critical to the company's growth. This rare mix of productivity and ambition sets a great example for the rest of the team and explains why everyone loves working with Nermin -- no matter where they fall on the org chart. I have only optimistic predictions for her career trajectory!

Darlene Moore – CEO & Founder @Drive Traffic

Nermin is fabulous to work with when it comes to UX/CRO Testing - she creates a strategy and process document and keeps you in the loop as you go. She's really responsive and adaptable!

An Phung, Digital Marketing Executive @Bhaya Group

Nermin is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she's doing. We were very impressed by her work, they're very detailed and insightful. And despite the different time zones as our company locates in Vietnam, she is always available and answers all of the questions that we had. We are very pleased with the result that she delivered.

Özden Pusat, CEO & Founder @TutumluAnne

To understand user behavior and expectations, I can say that the consultancy we received from Nermin was extremely helpful. Nermin, grasped our business model, user structure, and expectations by collaborating with different people from our team at the first step of the consulting process. She is a person who does her job with dedication. Afterward, she has not only worked at the desk but also interviewed and assessed our users in the field belonging to various segments. She incorporated these interviews with tests and analyses conducted online and provided the findings as a comprehensive study. Not just her technical skills, but also her passion and sense of responsibility as being a part of the team, her excitement and getting involved in the work, make Nermin unique.

Volkan Görgülü, Product & UX Manager CarrefourSA

As the nature of our business, we have the opportunity to work with several agencies and consultants. Unfortunately, very few of them are doing their job properly and Nermin belongs to that minority. We have seen the ideals we have missed for a long time in her character, the care, and enthusiasm when working with Nermin. We needed a research about the user experience that will have a fast conclusion. Nermin accomplished her project by staying all day in our store to assist us without making statements like I could stay in the store until this time or that time, and finished her task. We were very satisfied with the report she presented and follow- up process after the project was finished. Nermin is one of the rare names that I can recommend with confidence.

Zaliha Terk, Digital Marketing Manager @TurkNet

Nermin helped us a lot, with her experience, hard work, love, and commitment to our brand just like a TurkNet employee. She is basically a member of our team. When doing research, she listened to our clients and understood them like hers. We also obtained many outputs in terms of user experience and conversion rate optimization thanks to her consultancy. We learned what aspects we need to improve in our call center and website thanks to her profound analysis. With the personas we created from that comprehensive work, we grasped the needs of our clients much better. That directed us to decide our strategies for communication. I feel lucky that I worked with Nermin and the fact that I will continue to work with her in the future. For her major contributions to TurkNet, I would like to thank her.

Emir Tümen, Founder & CEO @Dekopasaj

While working with Nermin as Dekopasaj supported us to optimize our critical funnels such as advertising and procurement, also provided in-depth insights that we never have received from our customers before. Nermin has become involved within our team and to our business model at the soonest possible period with a productive attitude and has provided significant contributions to our business results thanks to her suggestions and output.

Pınar Ramsay, Founder & CEO @Pakolino

Since we operate based on a membership system, creating proper user experience at Pakolino, where only one product is sold, was crucial for us. Thanks to our work with Nermin, we have not only carried out the funnel optimization of our website, but we also re-evaluated our internal flow. And thanks to user tests, we had the chance to get to know our potential customers with a fresh perspective. The enthusiastic curiosity of Nermin for the work we do, her passion for our product which we are deeply dedicated to as much as we have, played a significant role in embracing her, her thoughts, and all the changes she introduced, both for me, as the company's founder, and for the entire team. The passion she felt for her work, her ability to bring us together when our focus was fragmented in the daily rush, and her capacity present tangible actions to us as a result of the tests and analyses performed, turned working with Nermin into an enjoyable process and transformed the project we are undertaking into a highly results-oriented and measurable form.

Kemal Karabel, CEO @Hobium & Hobium Yarns

During the growth phase of our Hobium and Hobium Yarns e-commerce ventures, we met Nermin when we were looking for an expert after we felt the need for professional UX assistance for the first time. Even though we had meetings with several organizations and individuals, we were satisfied with the model Nermin suggested to us at most. She advised us that this approach includes all our colleagues just like the mentality of "on the job training," the UX process is not just an upgrade of the interface, it should become a culture of the organization, and one of the most important aspects is to make the correct changes by taking quick steps with the correct feedback to execute a real UX analysis. Indeed, she persuaded and convinced us about this. Nermin has tremendous efforts in all manifestations of the UX culture that exists in our company today. In this process, she collaborated actively with us including providing training for the platforms that will be used by our team. We are incredibly pleased with the fact that we have preferred to work with her and trusted her.

Yasemin Daşar, Corporate Communications Manager @Darüşşafaka

We started working with Nermin for the first time when she was working within the body of our digital agency. She made a significant contribution to the development of our website during that time. She voluntarily continued analysis studies for when she left the agency to begin flying with her own wings. First of all, we should state that she embraced the institution like a professional rather than just a volunteer. She has been our voluntary consultant who is always available and answers any question we have. With user surveys, analyses, problems she identifies, and suggested solutions, she continuously improves us. She adds strength to our mission of equal opportunity in education through this volunteer service that we have been making available for 157 years. Endless thanks, Nermin.

Ediz Tokabaş, Managing Partner @B2Press

As B2Press, in terms of evaluating the return of our digital investments and creating a meaningful customer journey, we carried out a very successful project. From the first day of the project that we launched with the initial observations to the very last day of the project delivery, I would like to thank Ms. Nermin for her support with consistent high-performance and attention. Her expertise in the profession, her patience in answering all sorts of questions, and her knowledge-sharing attitude are quite valuable.

Melisa Özdemir, Brand & Marketing Specialist @AGT

In a phase in which we concentrated on how we can measure AGT mobile application user activities and how we can gain insight from these behaviors more easily, we met with Nermin and worked together on this data analytics project where we are working on the product of Firebase Analytics. I enjoyed working with Nermin during this project process because of her extremely disciplined working style, her diligent and enthusiastic efforts on the projects, her approach to understanding customers and their concerns accurately, and providing the right solutions. I encourage anyone looking for the right solution partner to consult with Nermin in her field of expertise.

Duygu Yalçın, Managing Partner @Mucit Panda

By asking the right questions and providing the right guidance, Nermin helped us realize what we really need to take our company to the next level by using data. We have taken measures to strengthen our business by prioritizing the actions together. I can easily state that the main objective of Nermin is to "create solutions by sharing her knowledge" when we particularly consider the fact that her inferences and solutions are quite sustainable and she pays attention to their realization by our party. Also, to make this process possible for us, she introduced the relevant tools and provided training.

Gökçe Güner, Digital Marketing Manager @Mucit Panda

Nermin has strong analytical skills and is a dedicated consultant who oversees the project timeline quite well. Even the project we have been carrying out to increase our website's conversion rate is completed, she did not withhold her advice and technical assistance from us. We see her as one of our teammates.